News For The Digital Age.

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News For The Digital Age.

Enzyme is dedicated to preserving American journalism for the digital age.
Our roots are in the era of print, but we have our eyes firmly on the horizon.

Know Portland Now

Enzyme is dedicated to examining the issues that influence how Portlanders live their lives.
Our goal is to point the way for a more prosperous community, an improved quality of life.
This sort of innovation will help Portland continue to be an agent of change.

How We’re Different

Our news website is designed for maximum user utility and engagement.
Instead of offering routine coverage and recycled content, we will seek out the untold stories that matter.
We will present them in ways that modern audiences use to access their news.

Why Enzyme?

An enzyme is a catalyst, a protein that activates a chemical process.
We’re here to initiate the process that brings journalism back into people’s lives as a valued way of learning about the world.

Want To Get Involved?

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